Throwback: Lenny Kravitz-Let Love Rule

[youtube id=”Bbiqy2TOwBw”] “Let Love Rule”  is the title track and first single from Lenny Kravitz’s 1989 debut album. Kravitz’s bohemian style and Beatles influence ensured a sound, unlike the mainstream rock world. Lisa Bonet, who was married to Kravitz, directed and appeared in the Summer Of Love-looking visual that received an MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best New Artist. In 2009, Let Love Rule was remastered and the deluxe 20th-anniversary edition was released with bonus tracks and 12 live songs. Let Love Rule is one of the most memorable first albums from a new artist. At the time, Kravitz was more famous for being married to Bonet because of her Cosby show fame but Let Love Rule made the public realize he was much more than a famous woman’s husband. Kravitz’s sound grew through the years but his personal axis of funk, rock and soul was established from the beginning. In September 2018, Kravitz will see the release of his 11th studio album Raise Vibration