Daily Archives: May 4, 2018

Starz Releases Season 5 Trailer For Power

 Starz has released the Season 5 trailer for Power. The clip moves quickly across the plot’s terrain and viewers can see Ghost, Tommy and Kanan coming together to fight their common enemy. Ghost has to avenge his daughter’s death and still find a way to leave the business. Power will return to Starz on Sunday, July 1st. 


Leon Bridges Releases Sophomore Album Good Thing (Album Stream)

Leon Bridges stunned people three years when he released his debut album of ’60s soul Coming Home. Bridges sophomore album, Good Thing uses the ’60s and beyond to express itself. His Good Thing tour kicks off tomorrow in Los Angeles and will continue for the summer and keep on through the fall. 


Superfly: Official Trailer

  The 2018 reboot of Super Fly has an official trailer giving a glimpse of Alex Tse’s screenplay in action. Trevor Jackson reprises the role of Youngblood Priest originally played by the late Ron O’Neal and Michael K. Williams is his mentor Scatter. O’Neal’s character was a Harlem drug dealer during the ’70s but Jackson’s Priest is a young hustler in Atlanta trying to find his place among the criminal underworld with an eye on cryptocurrency. Director X took charge of the new story and there are appearances from Rick Ross, Big Boi and Lecrae. Superfly opens in theaters June 15th.