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RAMMELLZEE: It’s Not Who But What (Documentary)

 New York graffiti artist, philosopher and hip-hop pioneer Rammellzee is explored in a new documentary from director Oscar Boyson. Red Bull Arts New York debuted the film today at the end of their month-long music festival. Rammellzee created Gothic Futurism which was his beliefs about the evolution of language. His “Beat Bop” single influenced vocal styles in hip-hop and had original artwork from his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Rammellzee’s loved colors and was known for his painting and the masks and costumes he wore during a performance.  Jim Jarmusch gave him a spot in Stranger Than Paradise giving him his only film appearance. RAMMELLZEE: It’s Not Who But What was featured as part of Red Bull’s Racing For Thunder exhibition featuring his work. The festival opened with a musical tribute to Rammellzee called If This Knowledge Scares You, The Equation Is Working. The nine-minute documentary interviews people who knew and worked with Rammellzee and they share their memories of him.  


Leon Bridges: Beyond Official Video

Leon Bridges releases the video for “Beyond” from his newly released Good Thing. The storyline follows Bridges and his girlfriend on a romantic date. Bridges is on tour all summer. 


Magestik Legend Reflects On Life In Video For All This Time

Magestik Legend contemplates the direction of his life alone outside surrounded by space in the video for “All This Time.” Lyrically he seeks the balance between survival and following a dream within the never-ending economic pressures of being an American. The absence of anyone else in the clip points to the self-reflective purpose of the song. Director Andy Madeleine captures Magestik Legend’s movements as he walks through Mount Whitney, California’s tallest mountain. The self-produced All This Time is Magestik Legend’s first full-length album since Legend Has It from 2015. 


King Britt Shows What’s In His Bag

 King Britt goes to Amoeba Music in Hollywood and shares what he has in his bag. The Philadelphia producer and DJ names John Cage, Sun Ra and ’80s pop band Talk Talk among his picks. Watch King Britt discuss his choices that can be had at Amoeba as well as his music.  


Watch: Trailer For White Boy Documentary

Richard Wershe Jr. became the youngest FBI informant at the age of 14 during the ’80s in Detroit. He became a drug dealer as part of his alibi and was known in the city as White Boy Rick. He was rumored to be a 17-year old kingpin with a mythical presence and huge control over the city’s illegal drug supply. Wershe’s drug trafficking was real but not as big as he was portrayed in the streets. His ultimate job for the authorities was to expose corrupt activities of police officers and Mayor Coleman Young. His attempt to have both parties prosecuted failed and he was later arrested with a huge amount of cocaine and given a life sentence.

Through the years Wershe’s supporters questioned why he received a life sentence as a juvenile charged with a nonviolent crime. White Boy is a documentary from filmmaker Shawn Rech about Wershe’s life. Rech’s direction looks at Wershe’s case from the standpoint of him being used and then receiving a harsh conviction by the law for the sake of saving some of Detroit’s establishment figures. A former hitman, an ex-FBI agent and ex-police officers are interviewed and talk about a conspiracy to kill Wershe because of his informant work. 

The film debuted last year at the Freep Film Festival. In September, Hollywood will release their version of Wershe’s story, called White Boy Rick with Matthew McConaughey playing Richard Wershe Sr. After 30 years, Wershe was paroled but is now serving a three-year sentence in a Florida prison for his involvement in a stolen car ring. White Boy is a look at Detroit’s drug economy in the ’80s and the country’s war on drugs. The film is streaming now on iTunes