Junglepussy Announces New Album JP3 & Releases Trader Joe Single

Junglepussy has announced a May 11th release date for her next album JP3 today and shares her new song “Trader Joe.” JP3 has features from Rico Love, Gangsta Boo, Wiki and Quifi. As far as the new single is concerned Junglepussy says, 

“‘Trader Joe’ is about loving myself, Having fun liking someone, and not allowing them to ruin my life.”

JP3 is exclusively produced by longtime collaborator Shy Guy who was also responsible the beat making on Satisfaction Guaranteed and Pregnant With Success

JP3 Tracklisting 

1. State of the Union
2. Get Down (Feat. Rico Love)
3. Long Way Home (Feat. Gangsta Boo)
4. I Just Want It
5. I’m in Love
6. Ocean Floor (Feat. Wiki)
7. Ready 2 Ride (Feat. Quiñ)
8. All of You
9. Trader Joe Produced
10. Showers