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The Jacksons Will Perform At Detroit Music Weekend’s Tribute To The Jackson 5


Detroit Music Weekend will kick off its second year June 14-17 with a tribute to The Jackson 5. Forty-nine years ago The Jackson 5 recorded their first hit single “I Want You Back” for Motown Records. Michael Jackson was 11 years old and together with his brothers, they built a musical legacy that made them one of the first Black bands to have crossover success. “I Want You Back” started what was then called Jacksonmania because they continued to have hits and became the biggest teen band in the world. Their journey led the way for every young group to come after as well as Michael, Jermaine and Janet Jackson’s solo careers. Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine will perform free to the public June 16th at 9PM ET.

The event will also have Will Sessions, Third Man Records country artist the Craig Brown Band and over 400 performers on multiple stages. 

On June 16, the Motor City Market will host several vendors alongside the performance stages. 

For more information about Detroit Music Weekend check out their site


Throwback: Prince Paul-Weapon World Feat. Kool Keith

 Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves (1999) is one of hip-hop’s great concept albums. The songs are connected by the storyline featuring rapper Breeze as Tariq who needs $1000 dollars to complete his demo tape.”Weapon World” features Kool Keith as Crazy Lou a maniacal arms dealer. Paul’s drums and Keith’s psychotic bragging about his arsenal is music that needed to be seen as much as heard. Prince Paul wanted to turn the album into a movie but Tommy Boy Records passed on the idea. Chris Rock bought the rights to the album with the intention of making it into a movie but it never happened. The skits, the cinematic production and appearances from Big Daddy Kane, Chubb Rock, De La Soul, Sadat X and Everlast had the potential to follow the path of Prince’s Grafitti Bridge. The legendary producer who expanded hip-hop’s production style by producing De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising told Allhiphop.com in 2013 he would still love to turn A Prince Among Thieves into a movie.