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Kanye West: Ye vs. the People Feat. T.I.

Kanye West’s fans are divided over his interaction with President Trump on Twitter but the controversy has not slowed down his production of music. “Ye vs. The People” featuring T.I. is the first song from West’s eighth album Love Everyone. The artist has already asked fans for feedback on the proposed album which features a photo of Dr. Jan Adams who performed liposuction on West’s mother a day before she died. 


Bobby Earth Shares Mood From Cloudy McSunshine Album

Bobby Earth releases his new single “Mood” today and it is the first song to be heard from his forthcoming Cloudy McSunshine album. The Houston native performed and produced the song he co-wrote with M4RZ. “Earth” follows the release of “Far Out” at the end of January. “Mood” can be streamed below and is available on all platforms. 


Throwback: Luther Vandross-Never Too Much

 Luther Vandross wrote, performed and produced “Never Too Much” from his 1981 debut album of the same name. Vandross’s honeyed tenor immediately set the standards for a scene of male R&B stars that included singers like James Ingram and Teddy Pendergrass. His warm tone had a familiarity that made fans accurately identify him as the greatest balladeer ever after hearing his version of “A House Is Not A Home” from the album. Vandross had previously worked as a background singer for several artists including Better Midler, David Bowie, Chaka Khan and others before he was the lead singer of the group Change. “Never Too Much” introduced him to an international audience as a solo artist and made it to the top spot on the R&B charts. Never Too Much was the beginning of Luther Vandross’s legend that ended too soon when he passed away in 2005. 


George Clinton Will Tour No More After 2019

George Clinton has announced that after more than 4 decades of performing he will retire from touring next year. The P-Funk legend says the band’s legacy will continue without him and even telling Rolling Stone earlier this year that he made a hologram for them to use after he’s gone. Parliament is releasing Medicaid Fraud Dog later this year. Clinton’s recent pacemaker surgery for his heart did not influence his decision to leave the road because as he says,

Truth be told, it’s never really been about me, it’s always been about the music and the band. That’s the real P-Funk legacy. They’ll still be funkin’ long after I stop.”

Parliment-Funkadelic is currently on tour for the rest of 2018. 


Media Questions Of The Week


What should Kanye West’s new album with the photo of his late mother’s plastic surgeon on the cover be called? 

Will other radio stations follow Tom Joyner’s example after he spoke with #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke and agreed to stop playing R. Kelly’s music? 

Will Bill Cosby’s lawyer successfully appeal his conviction for sexual assault?