Daily Archives: March 22, 2018

Roxanne Shante In Her Own Words

 Roxanne Shante sits for Mass Appeal and talks about being in hip-hop for 35 years and her Netflix movie Roxanne Roxanne. “Roxanne’s Revenge” was the song Marley Marl produced for Shante when she was 14-years old and she explains how the whole event happened because of proximity and a need for clean underwear. The record sparked what is known as The Roxanne Wars because of all the response songs it inspired but Shante prefers to see it as a watershed moment for women in rap. Shante was the only woman rapper in 1984 to have the spotlight two years before the emergence of Salt-n-Pepa. Roxanne Roxanne will start streaming on Netflix March 23rd. 


Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami Official U.S. Trailer

 Grace Jones: Bloodlight And Bami will have its U.S. opening next month in New York and Los Angeles. Sophie Fiennes’s documentary about Grace Jones premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year and is ready to be seen by the general public. Fiennes looks at Jones the performer, daughter, mother and businesswoman. She films Jones with her family in Jamaica and interviews some of her clan about. There is footage of her performing “Slave To The Rhythm,” ” Pull Up To The Bumper” and more. This is the official trailer for the U.S. audience and it is filled with scenes Jones’s life and the narrative puts in her control as her words are at the center. 


Declaime: Cops Still Ain’t Shit Feat. Saul Williams, Ms. Dezy & Riley Fresh Official Video

 Declaime criticizes the police for their record of wrongful deaths in the video for “Cops Still Ain’t Shit.”  The scenery has the graphics of a video game with the lives of Black men as the targets for racist police officers. Declaime’s Young Spirit album is out now.