Jean Grae Lets Out Her Inner Assassin With Help From Quelle Chris In Video For Zero

[youtube id=”nBNPPEUWE1U”] Jean Grae and Quelle Chris are getting more creative with their videos as evidenced in their new one for “Zero.” Chris has been animating since he was a teenager and he used those skills and learned new ones to create the cilp. The storyline follows Jean who is an assassin fighting against a sinister capitalist tyrant named Mad Red with the help of Lieutenant Quelle of the Detroit Revolt, a liquor store owner and Littles the cat as an accomplice and getaway driver. Chris drew inspiration from ’90s video games and spent three months making their vision real. The visual has added more excitement to the release of their Everything Is Fine album on March 30th. Chris states that the album’s title is a reference to the kind of glib automatic responses  people give each other every day while having “small talk.” But the situation in America is anything but fine and Jean Grae as “Zero” seeks to dismantle the oppressive burden of 21st-century American capitalism whose mission is to keep wealth among a concentrated few.