Daily Archives: February 16, 2018

Janelle Monáe Teases New Album With Trailer For Dirty Computer

Janelle Monáe’s trailer for her new album Dirty Computer is described as an Emotion Picture. The Afrofuturist clip has fans asking if her Cindi Mayweather persona has returned to end the Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase) saga. The artist has intimate poses with multiple partners including Tessa Thompson amidst high-velocity scenes of a party, a physical examination and war.

Monáe’s last album was 2013’s, Electric Lady. She took time away from music to co-star in Hidden Figures and Moonlight in 2016. There is no release date for Dirty Computer but the trailer is being shown before Black Panther screenings.


Jesse Boykins III: Earth Girls Official Video

Jesse Boykins III is reviving the release of Bartholomew with a video for “Earth Girls.” Plants, beautiful women, and trees surround Boykins in his self-imposed pod. Rosario Dawson makes a surprise appearance in the video adding to the list of people he worked with on the album including Syd, Luke James and Willow Smith.