Suzi Analogue Releases Video For NRG NRG

[youtube id=”HCE2rYsACtQ”] Suzi Analogue’s video for “NRG NRG” is a swift array of images reflecting her time in New York City. “NRG NRG” is from Analogue’s  instrumental Zonez V.1 album and she explained the idea behind the video to The Fader:

“The visuals, a collaboration with artist WAXO, are my way of showing some of the electric world my sounds live in and how that energy becomes a real thing people can feel. It carries the energy of NYC, I made it when living in the city. The song is literally a call for us all to tap into energy that motivate us to do what we need to in order to live great, thing big, imagine big – don’t be stagnant, push everything forward – we need that right now – now more than ever.”