Anita Baker Announces Farewell Tour

Anita Baker announced a 2018 Farewell Tour on Twitter yesterday combined with a message about reaching her 60th birthday this month. She mentioned being in a state retirement last year on the site but the new announcement comes with plans for a final tour. A concert series is planned to begin in March but there are no specific dates named. Baker’s 1986 album  Rapture was the beginning of her stardom introduced by the pop success of the single “Sweet Love.” Her jazzy R&B style became as famous as her haircut with multiplatinum sales, Grammys and sold-out national tours. She hasn’t released any new music since she covered Tyrese’s “Lately” in 2012 but fans are always eager to hear her prime-time material. The upcoming tour may be the right opportunity for Andre 3000’s t-shirt idea to be completed.