Daily Archives: December 22, 2017

Sza: The Weekend-Official Video

Sza’s “The Weeknd” video is directed by Solange and it features the artist dancing alone in a parking lot structure. Sza had her breakout in 2017 with CTRL and became the most-talked female singer. Fans are excited to find out which of her five Grammy nominations will she win.


Kendrick Lamar: Love Feat. Zacari Official Video

Kendrick Lamar’s video for “Love” featuring Zacari is his about commitment to an exclusive relationship. The rock star trappings of endless women are around him but he ultimately goes home to one woman. Rappers being vulnerable is rare and Lamar’s “Love” brings the sentiment of LL Cool J’s 1987 “I Need Love” into 2017.


R.I.P. Pam The Funkstress

Pam The Funkstress who was the DJ for The Coup died today after an undisclosed illness. According to reports, the Bay Arena Legend died from complications after an organ transplant. Boots Riley, E-Roc were the rare coed hip-hop crew eager to address social issues in their music. In the ’90s they released the critically acclaimed Kill My Landlord, Genocide & Juice and Steal This Album. In the 2000s they continue their quest with Party Music, Pick A Bigger Weapon and Sorry To Bother You.  In addition to being a DJ, she owned a successful catering company. In 2016 she worked with Prince as the official DJ on his final A Piano & A Microphone Tour.