Daily Archives: December 14, 2017

Watch: Sza Perform Supermodel On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Sza continues to be seen everywhere with a performance of “Supermodel” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It’s her second time on the show this year and all of her appearances are building anticipation for The Grammys because she has most 2018 nominations for any woman artist. Sza’s CTRL is becoming what Mary J. Blige’s What’s The 411? was for Generation X women.


N.E.R.D.: No_One Ever Really Dies Album Stream

N.E.R.D.’s No_One Ever Really Dies is here and it is their first album in seven years. There are the much-anticipated collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and guest appearances from Andre 3000, Gucci Mane, Wale and more. N.E.R.D. member Shay Haley described their intentions for the new album:

“With this project, we felt like we had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. When we first discussed diving into this project, it started with mild discussions about the social and musical climate. Then it evolved into us creating a few songs, which weren’t the greatest. They didn’t inspire and invigorate us in the way we wanted, so we scrapped them and went back to the drawing board. We continued to take on this vigorous approach so we could tap into a timeless sound. We want people to have a good time while listening, we want people to dance, to escape the insanity, the divisiveness, the narcissistic chaos. But we don’t want to be to preachy. We essentially just want to have fun.”


Black Thought Freestyles On Funkmaster Flex

Black Thought freestyles on Funkmaster Flex’s show and reminds everyone that he is still the proficient rapper that he was before The Roots became Jimmy Fallon’s house band. For 10 minutes he flows about Kanye West, heaven and his overall niceness on the mic without losing one breath.


Lion Babe: Rockets Feat. Moe Moks Official Video

Lion Babe’s “Rockets” featuring rapper Moe Moks has a video that pays tribute to ball culture. It is their most picturesque video so far and the duo looked like they had fun making it. They just released remixes for “Rockets” and “Hit The Ceiling.”