Tim Maiden Releases Black & White Video For The Other Side

[youtube id=”GvWTqy5VAqA”] Tim Maiden is following up his single “The Other Side” with a spontaneous black and white video directed by Derek Anthony Welte. Maiden and the women dancers in the clip are criss-crossed by rainbow-colored light from a prism. He explained the plan for the video in a press release:

“We wanted to create a visual that not only tapped into the soul of this song but also embodied the entire emotion of it. This track showed me why I make music. I wrote and recorded it on the spot in 1 or 2 takes, so we decided we wanted the visual to be as unrehearsed and unpremeditated as possible. This group of artists were so incredible and the reason I moved to NYC- to work and collaborate with such beautiful and talented humans. It was such a crazy night. The dancers Elise Ritzel and Eloise DeLuca were so incredibly powerful man I was blown away by how well they improvised. They led me the entire way. TEQUILA and dope humans anything is possible!

“The Other Side” is Maiden’s second video and the next step in his musical journey.