Daily Archives: December 5, 2017

Young RJ Explores Relationships In Video For Right Now

Young RJ’s Blaq Royalty deals with more than one aspect of life. “Right Now” addresses infidelity and the video captures Young RJ’s relationships and his contemplation about his choices. Detroit director Diego Cruz previously worked with Young RJ  on the video for “Motion” with Joyner Lucas and came back for “Right Now.” Cruz shot the video in the city but the scenes are focused on Young RJ’s interaction with the women. Red light and the darkness of night frame their tense moments together.  The backdrop is blurred by their emotions and Young RJ’s words.


London Duo Gold Fir Releases Sirens Single

James and Mabel are the anonymous London duo simply known as Gold Fir. They created a buzz with their first single “Night Walk.” “Sirens” is dance-oriented with roots in ’80s R&B and pop vocal styles. Mabel’s voice is a bright light coming through the synthesized funk phrases. The song leads the way for Gold Fir’s 2018 EP.




Omar Announces Love In Beats Deluxe Edition

Omar’s Love In Beats will have a deluxe edition release next month. Eight additional tracks include six remixes and two new songs. Tall Black Guy, Jazzy Jeff and his brother the Scratch Professor have added their touch to the deluxe album. Omar’s collaboration with The British Collective “That’s Why” is new and “Brainstorm” featuring Maurice Brown. Love In Beats Deluxe Edition can be pre-ordered before the January 28th release.

As far as remix projects are concerned Scratch Professor added a “new” album to Omar’s catalog with The Man Retwisted.

Omar just participated in BET’s first International Soul Cypher.

Watch the video for “Gave My Heart” featuring the late Leon Ware from Love In Beats.


Tim Maiden Releases Black & White Video For The Other Side

Tim Maiden is following up his single “The Other Side” with a spontaneous black and white video directed by Derek Anthony Welte. Maiden and the women dancers in the clip are criss-crossed by rainbow-colored light from a prism. He explained the plan for the video in a press release:

“We wanted to create a visual that not only tapped into the soul of this song but also embodied the entire emotion of it. This track showed me why I make music. I wrote and recorded it on the spot in 1 or 2 takes, so we decided we wanted the visual to be as unrehearsed and unpremeditated as possible. This group of artists were so incredible and the reason I moved to NYC- to work and collaborate with such beautiful and talented humans. It was such a crazy night. The dancers Elise Ritzel and Eloise DeLuca were so incredibly powerful man I was blown away by how well they improvised. They led me the entire way. TEQUILA and dope humans anything is possible!

“The Other Side” is Maiden’s second video and the next step in his musical journey.


Gregory Porter Sings The Christmas Song

Gregory Porter’s Nat “King” Cole & Me has the benefit of the holiday season for people to enjoy it. Porter’s cover of “The Christmas Song” is timely and pays a great compliment to King’s version. The lighting, colors and accessories make Porter and his band look like a moving Xmas card.