Daily Archives: December 1, 2017

Rapsody Performs For The Rundown

Rapsody stopped by BET’s The Rundown with Robin Lede and gave a performance of “Pay Up” at Amsterdam Billiards in New York. The emcee just received a Grammy nomination in the Best Rap Album category for her major-label debut Laila’s Wisdom. She is touring Laila’s Wisdom in the United States now.


Miguel Releases War & Leisure Shares Video For Now

Miguel’s War & Leisure was released today along with the video for “Now.” The video was filmed at a political rally to bring attention to the injustice of immigration detention center. Interviews with detainees are woven around Miguel’s performance. Miguel spoke about the way Stevie Wonder, Prince and Michael Jackson inspired his politics  to Rolling Stone:

“They all pushed the boundaries in their own way. They all challenged us to look at things a different way. I saw that from the artists I love, and I decided I want to do that. To be an artist is to deal with what’s happening in your time.”

Miguel will kick off his War & Leisure tour in February.


Misha Green To Write And Produce Cleopatra Jones Remake For Warner Brothers

Misha Green is working with Warner Brothers to remake the 1973 blaxploitation comedy film Cleopatra Jones. The original film starred the late Tamara Dobson was co-written by Max Julien star of The Mack and Sheldon Keller. Cleopatra Jones was a government-backed hero of the community at war with a drug dealer played by Shelley Winters. She drove a Corvette Stingray, was fashionable and knew how to defend herself. The Guinness people cited her as the “Tallest Leading Lady In Film.” Green is the co-creator and producer of Underground and she is writing and producing the new version of Cleopatra Jones. Green’s script will configure Jones as the woman version of James Bond. There is no word on who will provide the soundtrack. Misha Green is working with Jordan Peele and JJ Abrams on Lovecraft. She has also written and produced The Mother for the Netflix.