Daily Archives: November 24, 2017

Sza Performs A Stripped Down Version Of Go Gina

Sza goes into the forest to record a lo-fi version of “Go Gina” for Vevo’s Lift series. She is only accompanied by a bass player and the concept is simple but it produces the most memorable video from her CTRL debut. It is fully expected that Sza will receive Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Pop Album.


Cherri V Offers Acoustic Version Of Without You

As Cherri V gets closer to the release of her Brown Eyed Soul debut she adds another song to her stripped down series. The fan-favorite single “Without You” has a piano at the center and lyrics poking at the nuances of conflict in a relationship. Musician Hannah V helped with the song’s new sound and they both sit at the piano in the video. Cherri V gave an explanation for “Without You” in a press release:

“Many couples can relate to the concept of ‘Without You’, it’s very tongue in cheek and captures the comical side of differences in the household, with the simple ‘matter of fact’ lyrics resonating with listeners. This stripped version really gave me a chance to showcase and stretch my vocals that little bit more, and working with Hannah V pushes me to do just that.”