Mick Jenkins Releases Or More; The Anxious Mixtape

Mick Jenkins’ Or More; The Anxious mixtape is seven sketches of musical ideas leading up to his next album. His statement about the project describes the mixtape as a creative piece outside of other’s people’s expectations. He says,

“Or More is a project series involving musical ideas and concepts that are currently inspiring the album’s creation process. As creatives we live in a world of time constraints imposed by illusive industry standards, anxious demands of appreciators, or even our own self reflections. #OrMore is a smaller context of this larger pool of thoughts.. a world of exploration removed from the confines of a particular method. Its my way of sharing the beauty in Indecisiveness. Sometimes we have to make music to locate the true music within our being. The first hones in on the ANXIOUS.”

Jenkins’ debut album The Healing Component was released in 2016.