Daily Archives: September 26, 2017

Watch: Gregory Porter’s Trailer For Nat King Cole & Me

Gregory Porter’s mother had a huge influence on his musical taste growing up and those experiences are the inspiration for his Nat King Cole & Me album. In the trailer, he talks about how he learned about Cole from his mother and the way Cole’s music speaks to him personally. Porter’s connection to Cole’s lyrics and the history of hearing him in his childhood home made the new the album’s focus a necessity. Nat King Cole & Me will be released October 27th.


Kriswontwo Shares DTDT Featuring Bobby Earth

Kriswontwo’s sophomore album Back To One is out now and “DTDT” which is short for Do The Damn Thing is from the project. Earth’s carefree rap delivery is a match for Kriswontwo’s synth-heavy production that moves quickly for dancefloor activity.


Big Freedia & Mannie Fresh: Dive Official Video

Big Freedia and Mannie Fresh narrate a party of moving bodies in the club during the video shoot for “Dive.” Big Freedia Bounces Back airs on Tuesdays at 10 PM ET and Freedia is currently touring the United States.