Monthly Archives: September 2017

Jazmine Sullivan & Bryson Tiller: Insecure Official Video

Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller perform “Insecure” from Issa Rae’s HBO television show in the official video for the song. Cast members from the show are in the clip that’s filmed inside Issa’s former apartment on the show. Sullivan and Tiller go through the motions of insecurity inside their romance. “Insecure” is from the show’s second season soundtrack and is available via iTunes.


Media Questions Of The Week

Did 50 Cent divide New York hip-hop? Was he responsible to show NYC unity when it was a Detroit rapper that gave him his career?


Why isn’t Colin Kaepernick on the cover of the latest issue of Sports Illustrated regarding the nation’s race problems when he was the first one to protest?

Did President Trump influence Twitter to test out longer character lengths?



Red Bull Music Academy & Awesome Tapes From Africa Present Ata Kat: Time Bomb Documentary

Red Bull Music Academy and Los Angeles label Awesome Tapes From Africa are releasing the documentary Ata Kat: Time Bomb. Ata Kat is a musician from Ghana who made a tape of eclectic pop music in 1993 called Obaa Sima and then disappeared. Brian Shimkovitz, the founder of Awesome Tapes, searched for Ata Kat during an eight-year period that took him to Germany, Toronto and then Ghana. Shimkovitz had been playing Obaa Sima at parties and would always receive an overwhelming response from the crowd. Ata Kat had recorded the tape in his bedroom with second-hand equipment and never released any more music because it was not a financial success and he needed to make money. Ata Kat: Time Bomb tells the story of how Obaa Sima was created and looks into the life of its creator. Shimkovitz told Noisey,

“I just feel like people don’t get a sense of what life can be like in developing countries. People make a lot of assumptions, and also people who listen to African music aren’t too in touch with Africans in Africa! The main touchstone for me and everything that I do, is thinking about my friends in these places. That guides the decisions I make and how I run [Awesome Tapes from Africa].”

Next week the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles will begin on October 6th and end on October 29th.





Jay-Z & Ryan Gosling SNL Promo

Jay-Z returns to Saturday Night Live as a musical guest this weekend after seven years away from the show. The promotional clip with Ryan Gosling is short and to the point with a little bit of laughter. Fans are curious to find out if Jay-Z will be involved or mentioned in any of the skits.


Little Dragon: Piece Of Mind Featuring Faith Evans Official Video

Little Dragon’s video for “Piece Of Mind” featuring Faith Evans was shot in Raphael Saadiq’s home studio. Saadiq produced the song and also appears in the clip. Evans’ children convinced her to do the collaboration after Little Dragon sent the song to Saadiq for his feedback. Their fifth studio album High came out earlier this year.