Daily Archives: August 8, 2017

Roland Releases New Compact Version Of The TR-808 Drum Machine

Roland has released a compact version of its legendary TR-808 drum machine simply called the TR-08. The newer machine has all the same sounds as the old one with the addition of a built-in speaker and an option for substeps which allows more detail into programming the beat. The TR-08 is part of Roland’s Boutique line of instruments that are modeled on their classic machines but modernized for the contemporary producer. Watch The Egyptian Lover, Jimmy Jam, Jazzy Jeff, Marley Marl, Juan Atkins, Shy Boogs and Principleasure talk about the TR-08.


Adult Swim Is Releasing 15 New Songs From MF DOOM

Sean Price’s “Negus” featuring MF Doom is from his Imperious Rex album and is one of 15 songs from Doom that will be released by Adult Swim over the next 15 weeks. The elusive rapper sent Adult Swim 15 notebooks of solo music and other artists featuring him.


Prophets Of Rage Share Single Radical Eyes From Upcoming Album

Prophets Of Rage challenge singular viewpoints of the world on their single “Radical Eyes.” According to group member Chuck D.,

“The Western world has created biased structures and stereotypes, opposing viewpoints and movements are seen as radical rather than diversity. ‘Radical Eyes’ is the lens everything is viewed through, any life movement in opposition is considered radicalized.”

The hip-hop and rock supergroup consisting of members from Public Enemy, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave and B-Real of Cypress Hill are releasing their self-titled album on September 15th. They will start their tour in support of the album on September 7th in Boston.


The Roots & Bilal Perform It Ain’t Fair On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Roots and Bilal give a stirring performance of “It Ain’t Fair” from the Detroit soundtrack on The Tonight Show. The combination of Bilal, the orchestra and The Roots created emotions reflective of the tension Detroit’s 1967 riot and its aftermath. They gave one of the best shows ever on late night television.