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Rapsody Explains The Lyrics To The Pain

Rapsody sits for Genius and talks about the lyrics to “The Pain.”  She explains everything in the song from the issue colorism and racism towards the beauty of Black women to the fatherlessness that some Black men experience. Rapsody released the Nottz-produced “The Pain” a few weeks ago.


Sierra Marie Shares New Single Close My Eyes

Sierra Marie is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Fairfield, California. The 18-year old artist’s new single  “Close My Eyes” is about the pursuit of dreams. Her breathy alto eases along a tranquil arrangement bolstered by her guitar. When she croons,

            “There was people and they’re talking to me but it seemed out of spite” and then later,                “You think you know what dreams are made of, you think you got it all sorted it out”

You can sense the struggle of her journey and how closing her eyes is a temporary escape from the rockier parts of the quest.  Her sound, which straddles the world of alternative music and R&B is the outcome of listening to so many eclectic sounds when she was growing up. Marie started singing and playing guitar after becoming ill with a cyst on her brain that required surgery and the removal of her gallbladder after she contracted an unknown virus. Those illnesses required her to be homeschooled from junior high until graduation and it also launched her creative career. She was no longer able to play soccer or run track and her mother encouraged her to start writing down her feelings. The time she spent singing and writing prepared her for 2016 American Idol Gold Ticket status that got her a brief appearance on the show and an interview with Bay Area local news station KCBS. When she is not performing at various functions and coffee houses in the area she regularly posts original music and covers to her Youtube channel. The multi-talented artist recently joined the Push Power Promo platform that is home to thousands of independent artists and she has also developed a following on ReverbNation. Marie is currently working on her debut EP.