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Afropunk London: Photos

Thundercat At Afropunk London 2017 Photo Credit: Chazz Adnitt and Tatenda Nyamade

Last weekend Afropunk returned to London for a second time with a lineup that included  Jazzie B., Thundercat, The Internet, Little Simz, Danny Brown and more.

Photo Credit: Chazz Adnitt and Tatenda Nyamade

Photo Credit: Chazz Adnitt and Tatenda Nyamade

SATE At Afropunk London 2017 Photo Credit: Chazz Adnitt and Tatenda Nyamade

Lianne La Havas At Afropunk London 2017
Photo Credit: Chazz Adnitt and Tatenda Nyamade

Willow Smith At Afropunk London 2017 Photo Credit: Chazz Adnitt and Tatenda Nyamade


Jewel Tankard Hosts Yacht Mixer For Millionaireness Club (Interview)


Last month Jewel Tankard hosted a mixer for her Millionaireness Club on a Yacht in Detroit. For a few hours, the attendees enjoyed dinner, music curated by a DJ and motivational words from Tankard as the boat took a trip around the Detroit River. The financial expert is known for the Bravo TV show Thicker Than Water which chronicles her family life with musician husband Ben and their children. The club is her platform to help women become financially empowered. In that space, she shares personal and professional advice to her members with the goal of helping them become or stay debt-free, improve credit scores, trade multiple currencies and grow wealth through their individual business ventures. The event was an opportunity for the members who came from around the country to interact with Tankard and network with each other. Tankard spoke to Kick Mag about the club, contemporary wealth strategies and how her faith is connected to her work.

“I wanted the average woman to know she can live her dream”

What is the Yacht Mixer?

I started an organization called the Millionaireness Club and the whole purpose of starting the club was to teach women particularly how to develop and short and long-term wealth strategies. Most women don’t trust their own financial gut they depend on their husbands and boyfriends to make decisions for them and not that the guys have bad intentions it’s just not good to ever turn your financial future over to somebody else when you could cultivate that gift and develop that gift.  We teach every wealth strategy that’s out there. As I learn new ones I bring it to them and we talk it out because a lot of them don’t think they can do it because they’re a mom or a wife. But the reality is your children need you to be wealthy. When you don’t have money it impacts everything where your children go to school where they don’t go to school it impacts what they eat it impacts whether they go to the Boys and Girls club for summer camp or Europe. At the end of the day, I want to see women particularly we have men in the club too, I want to see them live their dreams.

Jewel Tankard

How do you incorporate the bible into your wealth teachings and practice?

People don’t realize it but there are over 200,000 scriptures in the word that talk about money.  I think this was a derivative of slavery that money is the root of all evil and they just focus on that. If you just focus on that you don’t ever get to the scripture that says money has its own things. Money makes a horrible master but an amazing slave so it’s simply a tool. Money itself is not wealth it just facilitates the ability to buy goods and services and the value that you think it’s worth. The bible talks about that the bible talks about that he wants us to live an abundant life. He wants us to live a good life nothing about God is small. So I incorporate some of those foundational principles that I believe and live by and there’s also another scripture that says he will teach you how to become wealthy if you let him.


The Pollyseeds: Intentions Featuring Chachi Official Video

Terrace Martin’s Pollyseed band have their first video from Sounds Of Crenshaw Vol. 1 with a clip for “Intentions.” Martin and the crowd enjoy a house party lit by a red light as he plays the keyboards and dances with some of the people. The Pollyseeds are a group of musicians led by Martin including Robert Glasper, Kamasi Washington and more. Stream Sounds Of Crenshaw Vol. 1 below and purchase it from their Bandcamp page.



Illa J Drives Through The Eastside In His Video For 7 Mile

Illa J sticks to the theme of his Home album by driving and taking a walk through his east side neighborhood in Detroit for the “7 Mile” video. The camera follows him through a stretch of 7 mile that includes his high school (Pershing) and a bunch of mom and pop businesses.