Get On Down Reissues Four Run DMC Albums On Vinyl

Get On Down is reissuing four of Run D.M.C.’s albums on vinyl as a bundle. The group’s output in the ’80’s marked the transition of hip-hop from a regional to a national cultural phenomenon. Run D.M.C. was the rap act to appear on MTV and their presence led the way for hip-hop to become the new rock, something they explicitly explained in their video for “King Of Rock.” The four albums are a chronology of rap becoming a major commercial force. Run D.M.C. was the first to get an endorsement deal for sneakers,  perform at a major arena, appear on the cover of Rolling Stone and receive a Grammy nomination. Their loud style, aggressive rhymes, Jam Master Jay’s DJ wizardry, and leather outfits have become iconic and instantly recognizable as the watershed moment for ’80’s hip-hop movement to the mainstream. King Of Rock, Raising Hell, Run DMC and Tougher Than Leather are all available now from Get On Down.