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Listen To Prince’s Father’s Song From The Purple Rain Deluxe Edition

Prince’s deluxe edition of the Purple Rain album is coming out June 23rd and “Father’s Song” is one of the extra 11 songs on the tracklisting. The two-disc version will include the unreleased material and the three-disc version of the album will also have the Prince and the Revolution Live! concert.


M.I.A. Releases Video For Finally

M.I.A.’s “Finally” is her message to the world about her naysayers and their non-existent influence on her. In the video, she is surrounded by the desert and ocean somewhere in Senegal as flags representing the Iraq war and anarchist communism move in the background. “Finally” is from last year’s A.I.M. and she is on tour this summer.





Actress Rayven Ferrell Becomes Tupac’s Sister In All Eyez On Me (Interview)


Rayven Ferrell is building a name for herself as a prolific young actress who is now taking on the role of Tupac’s sister Sekyiwa in the highly anticipated All Eyez On Me. The Atlanta by way of Ohio transplant took the challenge with the confidence of living out her own truth and finding the similarities in Shakur’s life. It is her biggest job thus far especially considering the fact that Tupac fans are some of the most particular about the posthumous presentation of the icon and anyone connected to him. As a newer face, she has already appeared on Greenleaf and Lee Daniel’s girl group drama Star. But it is the role of Sekyiwa Shakur that is poised to take her work to her biggest audience yet.

“I feel like Tupac was a perfect example of that just being that voice for minorities, for Blacks for people in poverty for everybody”

How did you become an actress?

I attended performance arts schools all my life since I was eight until I graduated. I kind of had a few concentrations I had ballet, I had acting and I had creative writing and I had violin. Then as I got older I had to narrow it down at first to two and then it was one because it was so time-consuming and I ended up picking acting.