Daily Archives: June 15, 2017

Barack Obama Inducts Jay-Z Into The Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame

Jay-Z was the first rapper inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame tonight and Barack Obama gave the induction speech. The former president compared himself to Jay-Z and noted their similarities as successful men from humble starts who now have wives more popular than them. Jay-Z thanked all of the people that influenced him in hip-hop on his Twitter page.


JMSN Releases Videos For Patiently & Angelica

JMSN hangs out in the desert for his “Patiently” and “Angelica” videos.  Two different women dance and frolic with him in each video. JMSN is touring Whatever Makes U Happy in Europe now.


De’Wayne Jackson Reveals His Ambitions In Short Film Don’t Be Afraid

De’Wayne Jackson’s debut album Don’t Be Afraid was just released and now he has a short autobiographical film of the same name. He talks about settling in Los Angeles and chasing his dream with no plan b.


The Grammys Add Review Nomination Committee For Rap Category

The Grammys are changing their voting process to an online process and they are adding a review committee for the rap category. According to the press release, online voting will ensure that more people vote and avoid fraud. The review committee is supposed to be a safeguard to prevent artists from winning in the category solely for their popularity instead of the music itself. The Grammys have also given songwriters the opportunity to be recognized for in the Album Of The Year category.


Jamal Hines’ Discusses Detroit Web Series The Union (Interview)

Jamal Hines created his web series The Union with the idea of adding to Detroit’s mystique with a story about battling crime clans. The underground power battles are constructed with raw acting, a soundtrack suited for the nocturnal and shot with the spirit of guerrilla filmmaking. After a five-year delay and the advancement of the iPhone Hines and his crew are streaming their crime drama on Amazon and adding to the adventure with Facebook Live episodes. Actor Julius Kline III, who plays one of the Industry Boys. says that “Everyone wants to be a gangster” and that along with Detroit as the setting is part of the show’s appeal. The show’s second season debuts today and in the following interview, Hines talks about his path to the present and his interest in making a show about Detroit.

“I kind of want to create a Detroit mythology”

What’s The Union?

The Union is three crime families from different backgrounds pooling their resources to run the city. You have the Galdwin family who are the old money Detroit family who is kind of like the Ilitches or Dan Gilberts of the city ultra-rich, well-known but they have power through their criminal background. There’s the Black Order Crew who are our Black Mafia group and they do all the underground stuff, there’s the Italian family and there’s the Polish family. So they pull all their resources together to control the city. It’s like a Game Of Thrones set in Detroit.