Daily Archives: May 22, 2017

Listen To Mikos Da Gawd Remix Lafa Taylor’s & Aabo’s Falling Featuring Goapele

DJ/Producer Mikos Da Gawd remixes Lafa Taylor and Aabo’s “Falling” featuring Goapele and makes it a piece of trippy R&B. The remix comes ahead of Lafa Taylor’s and Aabo’s FEEL album they describe as having influences from Fela Kuti and Frank Ocean.


De’ Wayne Jackson Debuts Video For Watchin’ Feat. André Paxton

De’Wayne Jackson said his video for “Watchin'” featuring André Paxton is about his personal battle with good and evil and the want to create an experience of looking in a mirror.

“Instead of having people watch us, through our phones or computers I wanted to give an experience of watching yourself. There’s a battle between good and evil. The red entity represents the devil in disguise, while the white represents everything positive and good trying to get through. For me personally there’s a constant struggle between both of these.”

Jackson’s Don’t Be Afraid EP comes out May 26th.


Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story Trailer

Last night Sean “Diddy” Combs debuted the trailer for Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, the documentary about Bad Boy Records at the Billboard Music Awards. Yesterday was also The Notorious B.I.G.’s 45 birthday and he was the label’s flagship artist. Combs discussed his original vision for the record company and discussed B.I.G.’s legacy before introducing B.I.G.’s son CJ Wallace to the audience. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop will be available on Apple Music June 25th.