Maysa: Love Is A Battlefield Lyric Video

[youtube id=”C0eweyN1ruo”] Maysa’s lyric video for “Love Is A Battlefield” centers itself around the kind of struggles people go through to assert their humanity. Images of immigration ban protestors. Rosa Parks and the Lovings whose interracial marriage broke miscegenation laws reinterprets “Love Is A Battlefield” as a song no longer strictly confined to romantic notions of love. Maysa is plain about her song choice:

“The reason why I chose ‘Love Is A Battlefield’  has a lot to do with the way
the world is today and all of the things we are going through as a people.
As humans, we are surrounded by people who are not choosing love first.
People are choosing money over love and compassion. To me,
‘Love Is A Battlefield’ is just that, a battle to allow love to
reign over everything”
Love Is A Battlefield is also the title of her next album coming out May 26th and she calls it her “political cry” through the words of others.