Daily Archives: May 2, 2017

Jamila Woods: Holy Official Video

Jamila Woods released her HEAVN project last year after appearing on Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book and Macklemore and Ryan’s “White Privilege II.” “Holy” makes self-affirmation sacred and Woods’s centeredness in her world is expressed in lots of white, long halo-like braids and a purifying bath.


De’ Wayne Jackson Emerges With Video For Truth Is

De’Wayne Jackson’s hip-hop and R&B hybrid sound was cultivated in his native Texas in a suburb outside of Houston. “Truth Is” revisits his first love and the video chronicles those past special moments with scenes of the relationship. Jackson admits to missing his ex but also knowing that the relationship is over as he remarked to The Fader:

“In the song, I reflect on that relationship, the good and the bad with the understanding that the better days of the relationship were in the past. Once I took the chance to leave home and chase my dreams in a real way, I got a new perspective on the entire situation. The truth is I was deeply in love but I wanted more. I chose to create my own path in life but I was and still am sometimes haunted by the ghost of that relationship.”

Jackson currently resides in Los Angeles and is getting ready for the release of his debut EP, Don’t Be Afraid on May 26th.