Daily Archives: May 1, 2017

House Of Cards Season 5 Trailer

Netflix released the trailer for season five of House Of Cards today and it looks scary and intense. Frank and Claire Underwood’s controversial election was inspired by the real 2016 American presidential race. The trailer ends with Frank declaring “One nation Underwood” with a sinister smirk on his face. House Of Cards will return to Netflix on May 30th.


Prince’s Family Has A Reality Show In The Works

Prince’s family is planning a reality according to a report from TMZ today. The show will focus on their lives after Prince’s passing. The Deliverance EP was going to be released on the anniversary of his death (April 21st) but was stopped by the family because they want to debut the music on the reality show. George Ian Boxhill is the producer behind Deliverance and he is fighting with the estate to keep the music. The family has a production company on board but there is no word on any interested media outlets as they are still searching for a deal.


J.Cole: Neighbors Video & 4 Your Eyez Only Documentary

J.Cole’s “Neighbors” is from an actual incident that took place at a house in North Carolina that he rented for his Dreamville artists. The neighbors believed that the home was being used to sell drugs and called the authorities. The footage of the SWAT team going through the home,  knocking down the doors and later dismantling the security cameras is used as the video for the song.

4 Your Eyez Only is Cole’s HBO documentary that follows him around the United States talking with various people about their everyday struggles. J.Cole and Scott Lazar directed the film that is the companion piece to Cole’s fourth studio album. Cole made sure to post the documentary online because he knows that not all of his fans have an HBO subscription. Cole will co-headline the Made In America Festival this year with founder Jay-Z.


LL Cool J On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

LL Cool J was a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and he shared the first rhyme he wrote at age 11 and an intriguing story about being on tour in Maine in the 80’s and explaining hip-hop to the audience. He also talked about his acting career and current job on NCIS: Los Angeles.


Morris Day: Over That Rainbow Official Video

Morris Day remembers his friend Prince with the song “Over That Rainbow” and a video that has a strong afterlife theme. Purple, doves, candles and moving clouds added to Day’s emotional delivery makes “Over That Rainbow” a guarantee for tears.