Daily Archives: April 21, 2017

J.Dilla: Motor City Album Stream

J.Dilla’s Motor City album of rare tracks curated by his mother Ma Dukes is out now. Stream the album and the head over to iTunes for a digital copy or Dillatronic.com to get the deluxe version that includes a CD, vinyl, T-shirt, slipmat and a cassette of J Rocc’s alternate mix.


Morris Day Shares Prince Tribute Song



It was one year ago today that Prince passed and caused his fans and the music industry to go into shock. Morris Day knew Prince since childhood and became the lead singer of The Time, Prince’s in-house R&B band from the ’80’s that became known for its own distinct members. Day spoke to Billboard about how he learned of Prince’s death and the subsequent creation of the Snoop Dogg executive-produced “Over That Rainbow.” He saw Prince for a final time in February 2016 when The Time did a show at Paisley Park.