Watch Tuxedo Star In Their Own Pinball Machine In 2nd Time Around Video

[youtube id=”5OoZ83lqIbo”] Mayer Hawthorne’s love of pinball took over Tuxedo’s video for “2nd Time Around.” The clip was filmed in Las Vegas at The Pinball Hall Of Fame and Hawthorne and Jake One star as musical pieces in a pinball machine. A troupe of women starts dancing in the pinball palace before Tuxedo is seen performing in suits and ties. Hawthorne explains his connection with pinball:

“I’ve always had a thing for pinball, my dad worked briefly at a pinball arcade before I was born, so I guess it runs in the family. As a rebellious tween in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I used to ride my Ross Piranha BMX bike to a local arcade called Pinball Pete’s. They had vending machines that sold candy and soda for 25¢ (way below average – I’m not THAT old). I played a lot of video games and bought shitty weed from shady older kids. But it also introduced me to some classic pinball machines like Funhouse, Whirlwind and Medieval Madness. I was hooked! When A Strange Arrangement was released, I took my first big check from Stones Throw and bought a Theater of Magic pinball for my house. I still have it, although my new favorite is one called Tales of the Arabian Nights, which was designed by the same guy, John Popadiuk. When director Ross Harris suggested that we shoot the ‘2nd Time Around’ video at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas, it didn’t take much convincing. The place was like my ultimate fantasy. Row after row of all the best pinball machines from every decade. All playable and well maintained. When I met the owner, Tim, he was wearing a headlamp and was busy repairing one of the machines. He was a man of few words, but when he overheard me reminiscing about Pinball Pete’s, he gruffly interjected, ‘I started Pinball Pete’s with my brother Ted, 30 years ago. Everyone asked which one of us was Pete, but Pinball Pete’s was a pink elephant.'”

Tuxedo is going on a tour of Europe and Asia in April before touring the United States in May and June. Tickets for the show and the VIP experience are on sale now.