GoldLink Reps For Go-Go With Jazmine Sullivan On Kaytranada-Produced Meditation

[youtube id=”snQrZLkAhNM”] GoldLink looks to his native D.C. for Go-Go’s inspiration on the Kaytranada-produced “Meditation” with Jazmine Sullivan. GoldLink says,

“Meditation’ is a quick glimpse into DC Go-Go and street culture. It’s kind of like a West Side Story, in a way – as far as it’s a guy who sees a girl. This guy is from one neighborhood and the girl is from another rivaling neighborhood. They see each other across the room. He talks to her, they reminisce, they laugh, and then a confrontation happens.”

GoldLink is going on a spring tour with Little Dragon and there will be some shows with Denzil Curry and Kaytranada. Tickets are on sale now.