Daily Archives: March 1, 2017

Anthony David Releases Video For Afrobeat Remix Of I Don’t Mind Featuring Mic O

Anthony David has a video for the Afrobeat remix of “I Don’t Mind” featuring Nigerian-American rapper Mic O. The clip features David and Mic O in a club with beautiful women as the perform the song. The scenario blends a fashion show, club night and dance rehearsal into a singular night. The event is called TRIBE and took place in Atlanta and was held by David’s friend designer and curator Jevwe. David explains:

“He’s Nigerian born and recently moved here. There are a ton of African-born folks (from all over the continent) here who before, kinda had to just blend into African American culture but just like Caribbean folks some years back, they’re really proud of their cultures and showing us what they got here and abroad. I love to see it. His event expresses that and I was glad to be a part of it so the video is kind of a representation of that.”


David released The Powerful Now late last year.


Youtube Has New $35 Subscription TV Service That Will Compete With Cable

Google’s Youtube announced a $35 paid subscription television service today that will convince many people to give up their cable boxes. The $35 subscription provides six accounts for users to stream content from 40 providers including ESPN on their tablet, computer, mobile phone and anything Chromecast. Subscribers will also have access to YouTube Red content. The subscription also provides Cloud DVR and unlimited storage. Many of the big networks are included but CNN and MTV are not available.

Subscribers have the option to add additional premium channels for a fee. Some content will only be viewable on television or a computer. All of the shows will have advertising content.  There is no launch date for the service but it is supposed to happen in the United States “within weeks and months.”



Tuxedo Gives Preview Of Tuxedo II With 2nd Time Around

Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One are done with their second Tuxedo album and “2nd Time Around” is the first song to leak before they release the full-length. The first one was underrated and captured ’80’s soul/funk without sounding like a period piece. Tuxedo II comes out March 24th and can be pre-ordered now.


Tenny Whyte’s Peacëcamp Releases Flaws From Upcoming EP

Tenny Whyte normally works behind the scenes having provided music for Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus and The Amazing Nina Simone. Peacëcamp is his band and “Flaws” is their new single from an upcoming untitled EP. The new project follows last year’s Everything Will Be OK. “Flaws” takes its cue from ’90’s R&B and has some of The Neptunes’ aura.



Bruno Mars: That’s What I Like Official Video

Bruno Mars’ video for “That’s What I Like” is fairly minimal with the singer dancing for the camera with animated touches to help illustrate the song. Tickets for his 24K Magic World Tour are on sale now.