Daily Archives: February 19, 2017

The Roots Presents: The Evolution Of Greatness At NBA All-Star Game

The Roots presented the evolution of basketball greats at the NBA All-Star game tonight in New Orleans. Jidenna, Daveed Diggs, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Michael B. Jordan and Darryl “DMC” McDaniels performed a hip-hop set of old and new styles to introduce the players. Black Thought announced the players as they took the stage.


Ice-T’s Body Count Delivers A Stark Video For All Lives Matter

Ice-T’s metal band Body Count are back with the full-length video for “All Lives Matter.” Ice-T ‘s lyrics break down the way the establishment uses racism to divide and distract citizens from the true delineator; the class line.He explains the meaning of Black Lives Matter and how racism is a waste of time when 45 million Americans are living in poverty. The video is filmed in black and white and the band members are shot in a way to make them look more menacing for the camera. Ice-T holds up poster boards with statistics on African-Americans killed by the police and the percentage of them that are held accountable for the shootings. Body Count’s Bloodlust comes out March 17th.


Throwback: Walter “Junie” Morrison-Super Spirit

Walter “Junie” Morrison’s “Super Spirit” is from the album Plush Funk which is Volume 3  in the George Clinton and the Family series. Morrison usually wrote for the group but “Super Spirit” is a solo effort that he wrote, sang, played all the instruments and co-produced with Clinton. “Super Spirit” is a carefree listen compared to the intense dancefloor funk he made with The Ohio Players and Parliament-Funkadelic. “Super Spirit”‘s buoyant funk floats like it was made to populate the high skies and to help earthbound people get there. Morrison’s creativity received a new light after Solange was introduced to the song and dedicated the song “Junie” to him from her A Seat At The Table album.