Daily Archives: February 6, 2017

Lion Babe Release New Music For 2017 With Rockets Feat. Moe Moks

Lion Babe drops their first new release of 2017 with “Rockets” featuring Moe Moks. The duo and southern rapper Moe Moks glide over a jazzy bossa nova-infused trap beat while they sing and rap about spaceships. Jillian Hervey’s lazy delivery is a perfect contrast to Moks’ Jamaican-styled swag.


Official J.Dilla Turntable Available From Rap & Soul


London’s Rap and Soul is offering the official estate-approved J.Dilla turntable on the eve of his would have been 43rd birthday tomorrow. The portable turntable is a stand-alone piece that can be used with an RCA jack or a USB input. There is a 45 adapter, replaceable and software that will allow you to record music directly into your computer. You are able to get started using the turntable with a 7-inch copy of “The Sickness” which features Nas and was produced by Madlib. Check out the turntable at Rap and Soul’s site.


anderson.paak CBS This Morning Interview

 anderson.paak is interviewed by Lee Cowan of CBS This Morning prior to the Grammy Awards ceremony taking place on Sunday. Paak talks about the struggles he faced growing up and the things that led to him becoming a recognized artist in the music industry. He has three Grammy nominations and is scheduled to perform with A Tribe Called Quest.