Daily Archives: January 26, 2017

Missy Elliott Drops Video For I’m Better Feat. Lamb Documentary Coming In 2017

Missy Elliott is starting 2017 with new music and it’s been anticipated since she released “WTF (Where They From)” last year. “I’m Better” featuring Lamb is Missy’s usual style of humor, fun and space-age production but with contemporary autotune flourishes and a pared down trap beat. In the video, Missy and her dancers look like people from the future who live underwater. She also has a documentary coming out this year and Busta Rhymes, Slyvia Rhone and Mona Scott-Young are some of the people who talk about Missy’s impact on hip-hop.


Suzi Analogue: Move /It/Off Official Video

Suzi Analogue’s “Move/It/Off” is from her forthcoming ZONEZ V.3 album and she debuted the song earlier this month on BBC 1 Radio. The video is a quick-moving clip of Analogue in the eye of the camera with a colorful Cadillac. “Move/It/Off” is available from the usual digital outlets and Analogue made a statement about the track. “At a time like now where so many heavy realities are falling on the marginalized people of our society – of our world – this song is meant to be both a physical catharsis and a refusal of the inadequate solutions being fed to us, we have to move and towards something better.”


British Singer Bianca Rose Debuts Video For Because Of Love Feat. Ayanna Witter-Johnson

British singer Bianca Rose has a video for “Because Of Love” which is the second single from her debut album, No Fear Here. Rose self- released her first album 10 years ago and since then she has been busy working within the Ready Riters Songwriting Collective. After co-writing X-Factor contestant Annastasia Baker’s debut project.

Rose has designated 2017 as the time to focus on her own music again with the release of Femi Temowo-produced No Fear Here on January 30th. “Because Of Love” has the rare addition of the cello thanks to Ayanna Witter-Johnson who is the only non-American to win Amateur Night At The Apollo. Rose spoke on the collaboration and said, “Ayanna and I collaborated on every part of the creation of this song, from writing to recording, so it only made sense that the video was an extension of this partnership, whilst debunking the stereotype of competition between women. We believe there is a place for us all in this business so we actively make room for one another.

Rose is excited about the release of No Fear Here and added, “These songs are snippets of the lessons I’ve learned and am still learning. Some people believe that fear is something we should live with, or that we should use it as motivation to achieve our goals. From my experience, I believe it’s something to be conquered and routed out of every area of our lives. I try to live on a daily mission to seek and destroy all traces of fear and oppression in my life.  It’s the only way that’s worked for me.”


Anderson.Paak Performs Am I Wrong On Ellen

anderson.paak was a guest on Ellen today and he performed “Am I Wrong” from his Grammy-nominated Malibu album. It is Ellen’s birthday today and she wanted paak on the show because he is one of her favorite artists. Paak also brought his son along for the performance.