Throwback: MC Lyte-Paper Thin

[youtube id=”WH5CmB44TaY”] “Paper Thin” is MC Lyte’s story about her refusal to believe the lies of a cheating boyfriend. Lyte is quick to tell the man that she knows he is a liar and he is wasting his time trying to deceive her. Lyte As A Rock was MC Lyte’s debut album released in 1988 on First Priority/Atlantic. King of Chill produced “Paper Thin” using a sample from Prince & The Revolution’s “17 Days.” The album was the first solo release from a woman rapper and helped put Brooklyn on the map as a hip-hop oasis. Lyte As A Rock also established her as the first woman rapper to have a Gold single and a Grammy nomination.

The video became iconic because it captured hip-hop’s earlier commercial moments before the music industry co-opted the culture in favor of promoting stereotypes. Lyte’s door knocker earrings, the New York City subway and her tracksuit are all signifiers of hip-hop’s Golden Era. As a rapper, she has eight solo albums to her credit, which is more than any other woman in hip-hop. Her career has moved into different areas including acting, DJing, voiceovers and philanthropy. As of 2017, MC Lyte made an appearance at the Women’s March On Washington and just released the book Your Man & Your Money with Lynn Richardson.