Daily Archives: January 12, 2017

Sza: Drew Barrymore

“Drew Barrymore” is a new single from Sza’s much-awaited follow-up to 2014’s Z. The Top Dawg Entertainment artist told Jimmy Kimmel that CTRL Music is the name of her new album. Top Dawg CEO Anthony Tillith promised last year that Sza’s album would be released in 2017 and from the looks of it the new music is coming soon.


Donald Glover’s Atlanta Will Return In 2018

The second season of Donald Glover’s Atlanta TV show has been delayed until 2018 because of his production schedule. Glover is scheduled to play Lando Clarissian in an upcoming Star Wars movie and he will not have time to film the movie and the TV show. He just signed a production deal with FX to develop more shows in the future.


Johnny Popcorn Releases Video For Fall From Their Totem Pole Album

Johnny Popcorn released their Totem Pole album last September and today they share the video for “Fall.” Jani Coral, who sings lead on the song, stars in the video as one-half of a couple who experiences the difficulties of addiction and a bad relationship.