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Donald Glover, Issa Rae, Lin-Manuel Miranda And Damien Have Roundtable Talk About Creativity With The Hollywood Reporter


Donald Glover, Issa Rae, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Damien Chazelle participated in a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter about creativity. Jon Favreau moderated the discussion which centered on each artist’s individual efforts to be heard and get their projects to the masses.


Media Questions Of The Week

What will come of the meeting Kanye West had with president-elect Donald Trump to discuss “multicultural issues, bullying, violence in Chicago and modernizing curriculums?”

When will Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Shepherd release the Dec. 99th album that was expected on December 9th? And what did Bey’s cryptic message to Pitchfork about it mean?

Is the video of Cee-Lo Green’s cellphone exploding real?