Prince’s Remains On Display At Paisley Park In Custom Urn


Paisley Park opened yesterday (Oct. 6) and gave its first tour of the place where Prince lived and worked for decades up until his passing in April. Fans who went on the tour  were surprised to learn that Prince’s remains were in the studio inside a custom urn made in the shape of a miniature Paisley Park. Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson and his nephew President Nelson designed the urn with the company Foreverence who created urns for Scott Weiland and Lemmy Kilmister. There are seven crystals, a Yamaha piano and doves inside the urn and Foreverence released a statement about the urn: “Tyka Nelson hand‐selected seven iridescent crystals – representing the artist’s favorite number – to be part of the urn design and placed the final jewel in the piece herself.”