Daily Archives: September 24, 2016

R.I.P. Bill Nunn

Actor Bill Nunn, who became famous in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing as Radio Raheem died today at home today at the age of 63 after battling cancer. Nunn attended Morehouse with Spike Lee and got his start in movies working on Lee’s School Daze. It was his role as Radio Raheem in Lee’s Do The Right Thing that made him a star. The scene where Raheem is choked to death by New York City police in 1989 is similar to the Eric Garner killing and all the police brutality incidents taking place in the United States right now. Nunn worked with Lee again on Mo’ Better Blues and He Got Game. He also had memorable roles in New Jack City and the Spiderman trilogy. He made his last acting appearance on the show Sirens, where he played a Vietnam veteran EMT who changes his name to Cassius Clay.


Media Questions Of The Week

Will any edits be done to the police’s bodycam footage of ┬áthe Keith Lamont Scott killing in Charlotte, North Carolina?



How did The Emmy’s mistaken Terrence Howard for Cuba Gooding Jr.?



Did the 11th Circuit Court make the right ruling when it decided that it is not discriminatory for an employer to ask an employee to remove their dreadlocks as a condition for employment?