Daily Archives: September 9, 2016

Common-Lovestar Featuring Marsha Ambrosius

Common has collaborated with Marsha Ambrosius on the romantic “Lovestar.” It’s been two years since his last album, Nobody’s Smiling, and  he’s been very busy with movies most recently appearing in Suicide Squad. No I.D. exclusively produced Nobody’s Smiling and they are working together again on Common’s upcoming Little Chicago Boy. The producer shared the single “Home” earlier this summer on the Soulection radio show. “Lovestar” is the second leak from the album that will be released before the end of 2016.


The Robert Glasper Experiment ArtScience Album Trailer

The Robert Glasper Experiment is releasing their ArtScience album on September 16th and this is a clip of them creating the music. They had no particular ideas about what they would record but you can assume it will be a mixture of classic and contemporary styles much like the Black Radio albums.


DJ Khaled-Nas Album Done Featuring Nas

DJ Khaled’s “Nas Album Done” has a video that takes place in the Carribean with Nas and dancehall star Louie Rankin. Khaled consults with Rankin, who reprises his role from Belly, about inspiring the youth and giving them the keys to success. Nas raps  about wealth inequality, the value of women and how he continues to thrive as a hip-hop legend. Nas does have an album completed but he admits to interrupting the process to guest on Khaled’s song. Their rap empowerment session ends with Khaled dancing  the night away with the women dressed for carnival.


Living Colour Release Who Shot Ya? Mixtape Today

Living Colour’s Who Shot Ya? mixtape came out today and it’s multiple versions of the Biggie Smalls’ song remade by them. The band decided to release the tape in response to all the police shootings riveting the country right now. Read Vernon Reid’s statement below:

“Our version of “Who Shot Ya” was initially an organic outgrowth of pure fandom for the work of the brilliant Christopher Wallace. Corey would frequently sing the song during soundcheck, so we worked it up. But tragically Biggie’s question has taken on new and urgent significance over the last year. The amount of people who die on a daily basis because of gun violence is unacceptable in a civilized society. The disproportionate use of deadly force in communities of color is equally unacceptable in a civilized society. It inspired the idea to reach out to some of the most provocative voices in hip-hop to invite them to add their words to the track. We all feel paralyzed as to how we can meaningfully effect change, but at the least we can keep our voices raised in solidarity and not let this plight fade into the background until it happens again.”