Daily Archives: August 19, 2016

A Tribe Called Quest To Release First Album In 18 Years


L.A.Reid has confirmed a new Tribe Called Quest album is coming out soon. All four members of the group recorded a completely original album before Phife Dawg’s passing in March. Their last album was 1998’s The Love Movement. So far none of the group has confirmed the album on social media but Reid’s exciting statement is the best way to grieve and celebrate Phife Dawg’s absence and the ending of Tribe.


Chynna Celebrates Sobriety With Her Ninety EP

Brooklyn rapper Chynna celebrates 90 days of sobriety with her Ninety EP. Originally from Philadelphia, Chynna worked with various producers on the project that was inspired by science fiction and psychedelic rock. She had this to say about Ninety, “This project sums up my last two years. They got pretty dark and still amazingly spiritual. I tapped into parts of myself I otherwise would never have seen. Not to say you should hang out in that part of yourself often, but get familiar with it. Conceptually, I allowed my influences to guide me without sounding anything like them. I tuned back into my favorite psychedelic rock albums from the zombies down to blue oyster cult. Especially them. Visually, I tapped in just as much on some super sci-fi fantasy conspiracy shit. That’s just what I’m into on my day to day. With the songs themselves, I wanted to incorporate the producers I really believe I got the fuckin gas and more importantly the synergy you need to make something special. It’s last minute. It’s honest. It’s lit. Day 90.”


D△WN-Cali Sun (Animated Video)

D△WN  animated video for “Cali Sun” goes back to her love of comic books and the way she chose her name. She told Rolling Stone, “I’m excited to go back to animation: I started in animation with my own comics and drawing, and even the Danity Kane name came from a character I created in high school.” “Cali Sun” is from REDEMPTION, the final album in a trilogy she started in 2013. She directed the video for the song which is about artists achieving their dreams in the music industry and the beauty of the process regardless of the outcome.