Reggae Legend Peter Tosh To Be Honored With Opening Of New Museum In Kingston, Jamaica


Peter Tosh will be honored with a museum in Kingston, Jamaica opening this fall. Tosh’s legacy as a founding member of Bob Marley and The Wailers, his solo career , activism and advocacy for Rastafarianism have left a lasting impression on Jamaican culture and the world. The museum opening coincides with the 40th anniversary of his 1976 hit single, “Legalize It.” Tosh’s M16 guitar and unicycle are two of his artifacts that will be on display and visitors can also purchase exclusive merchandise. The museum is a joint-venture collaboration between the Peter Tosh Estate, Pulse Investments Ltd, and Andrea Marlene Brown. The Peter Tosh Museum will open this October and for more information visit


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Joanna Armstrong
Joanna Armstrong
4 years ago

This is such exciting news. I may have to fast-track my next visit to JA.

Love Regge Music
4 years ago

Happy to her this. Peter Tosh’s legacy is definitely worty of such a move. Hope it all goes well.