Daily Archives: July 20, 2016

Kendra Foster Album Stream


Kendra Foster’s profile has gained more views the past year because of her singing and songwriting work with D’Angelo on his Black Messiah album. Foster also tours with his Vanguard band and got her start touring with George Clinton. Her sophomore self-titled album comes out on July 28th but you can stream it now.


Torii Wolf-Shadows Crawl Featuring DJ Premier Official Video

Tori Wolf’s DJ Premier-produced “Shadows Crawl” is visualized as a montage of shadows floating by Wolf as she looks into the camera. Wolf and DJ Premier are are finishing her Flow Riiot debut album.


Schoolboy Q-JoHn Muir

The street dreams of Schoolboy Q’s “JoHn Muir” are realized in a video shot at night detailing quick crime spree. Schoolboy Q just announced his Blank Face World Tour with Joey Bada$$.


Sound Royalties Finance Company Seeks To Bring Back The ‘Bowie Bond’


Sound Royalties is a New York-based finance company responsible for a new form of the Bowie Bond. In 1997, David Bowie and his banker David Pullman orchestrated the issuance of $55 million in $1,000 denominated bonds on future earnings of Bowie’s music. The bonds were a way for Bowie to buy back full ownership of his older recordings. The bonds were eventually purchased by a division of Prudential. In 2007, the bonds liquidated and Bowie owned his old catalog. Sound Royalties is offering something similar to musicians, songwriters and producers in response to all the financial difficulties artists face in the new streaming economy. The company gives the music industry up-front funding based on future earnings of their music. To find out more about Sound Royalties go to the official site.


Sa-Roc-Queen Ting Official Video

Sa-Roc recently signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment and they have started a new series called Wisdom Wednesdays to debut new music from their newest female MC. “Queen Ting” starts the sequence and Sa-Roc is only filmed from the neck down in the video with a boombox, incense, Florida water and a candle for Oshun. The idea is to connect the words of a woman MC and not her physical looks.