Anthony David Gets Ready For The Release Of The PowerFUL Now With New Single, Beautiful Problem

Anthony David returns after a four-year hiatus with the “Beautiful Problem” from his upcoming PowerFUL Now album. According to David, ‘”Beautiful Problem” represents life and the trials you can go through that ultimately make you better and stronger. It’s really open to interpretation for people to relate to in several ways.’ The PowerFUL Now gets its title from David’s belief that, “NOW being the most important moment at all times. I write every album as if it could be my last, so I don’t hold back on any feeling or idea,” shares David. “There is no ‘I’ll get to that later.’ There’s also no burden of trying to link with what I’ve done in the past. This time is always intended to be the best time.” The PowerFUL Now is David’s sixth studio album and it comes out August 26th.