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Maxwell-Lake By The Ocean Official Video

Maxwell has a video for “Lake By The Ocean” where he serenades his love from a stage in a dark club next to the water. black SUMMER’S night comes out July 1st.


Sa-Roc-Eye Of The Phoenix Official Video

“Eye Of The Phoenix” is the first single from Sa-Roc’s new mixtape, Metamorpheus. The mixtape is a prelude to her first official release on Rhymesayers Entertainment. You can download Metamorpheus here.


Dam-Funk-Timeless (Unreleased)

Dam-Funk shares his recent output with the single “Timeless” that was recorded yesterday. The long. slow notes perfect for car-riding changes tempo only to slow down again.


Dave Hollister Talks New Album The MANuscript, Prince & Tupac (Interview)


Dave Hollister is one of the last soul singers alive in the midst of a super-pop landscape that keeps most music sonically related to Ray Charles semi-invisible. Hollister’s voice became the definition of ’90’s soul when he led Teddy Riley’s BLACKstreet on the seminal “No Diggity.” After two years in BLACKStreet the Chicago native left the group and established his solo career with hits like “Baby Mama Drama” and “One Woman Man.” His success was marred by a never fatal car accident in 2004 which took him back into the gospel world only to emerge later like Al Green with the realization that he did not have to sing one genre. It’s been two years since his Chicago Winds…The Saga Continues and he is currently prepping for the release of his ninth studio album, The MANuscript. Hollister talked to Kickmag about The MANuscript, Prince, the state of R&B and Tupac.

“We gotta get back to love”


Why did you call it The MANuscript?

This album is like a guide for men, like I just want to hand it to them and I wanted to call it The MANuscript.

What are some of the things you experienced that made The MANuscript an album about relationships?

When people buy my current record people say, you can tell where Dave is in his life it’s very true. What I go through is what I write about what I sing about and what I see is missing is basically love. We gotta get back to love. Like one of my favorite songs and not just because I like the content, I like the mood of the song. I love that song “Planez” by Jeremih but the content of it is basically let me hit it on an airplane. That ain’t love that’s sex. I don’t knock what nobody’s doing but we have gotten away from love. We need to bring love back into the music. And just the realness of relationships. So you know I have married for the second time I know she is the one. The first time wasn’t the one you know a lot of times we do that when we don’t see God for our mate. I feel like this one, the one that I’m with now my wife she really really completes me. She’s what I needed for my life, she’s not a pushover. I didn’t need someone who didn’t come to the table with something. My first wife came to the table with nothing. My wife now, she was with me in my down and out times I wasn’t doing anything I took a break from music therefore, I wasn’t working so I really didn’t have nothing so it wasn’t about the money with her. She was like baby I got you I got this we a team type situation that just made me fall even more. The long and short of it is, what made me write this album is I’m in love.