Daily Archives: April 25, 2016

SNL’s Tribute To Prince

Saturday Night Live paid tribute to Prince by compiling footage of all his appearances on the show through the years. SNL also revisits the famous skit of  Maya Rudolph as Beyonce and Fred Armisen as Prince.

JMSN-Hypnotized Official Video

JMSN’s video for “Hypnotized”  takes place at a tiny backyard cookout and ends with him dancing on the roof of a house. The singer has kept a steady stream of singles and videos on the eve of his It Is album coming out May 6th.


R.I.P. Billy Paul

Philadelphia soul singer Billy Paul died yesterday at the age of 80. Paul became famous for his 1972 hit, “Me & Mrs. Jones.  Gamble & Huff wrote Paul’s signature song and it became another hit in their Philly soul canon. The follow-up to “Me & Mrs. Jones” was the pro-Black “Am I Black Enough For You” which confused fans after being introduced to him as an innocuous soul singer. Paul said he did not approve of releasing a political song right after having a crossover hit but he did embrace Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X with the song “Let ‘Em In.” Billy Paul recorded for Gamble & Huff’s Philadelphia International until 1980 with the release of 12 albums with them and 14 for his career . In 2009 director Göran Hugo Olsson made the film Am I Black Enough exploring the song and Paul as the central figure onscreen.