Daily Archives: March 15, 2016

Terri Lyne Carrington Releases Ashford & Simpson’s Somebody Told A Lie For Women’s History Month

Terri Lyne Carrington releases her cover of Ashford and Simpson’s “Somebody Told A Lie” from her Mosaic Project: Love And Soul album for Women’s History Month. Carrington created her own arrangement of the song from Ashford and Simpson’s Come As You Are album and was able to collaborate with Valerie Simpson on her version.  Simpson sang on the song and gave her approval: “She gave it another treatment and that’s what a songwriter wants—you want a new treatment, it already exist in its old form, so why do that again.  She took it to a whole new place, I love it.”


Kanye West-Wolves Feat. Sia & Vic Mensa


Kanye West’s “Wolves” was first presented with features from Sia and Vic Mensa but the version that landed on The Life Of Pablo features Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw. Tonight he’s made the first version available for streaming exclusively via Tidal.


Steev I-m-That’s No Fun

Steve Lacy usually plays guitar and does vocals for The Internet but a few days ago “That’s No Fun” was posted to his Soundcloud page under the Steev I-m moniker. He calls the genre of the single Rock N B, and just wants the music to speak for itself. The Internet is currently on their European tour through the summer.